Models, power and soft-focus

The Chromologist, a website about colour / Look away now, photographs of the views from famous landmarks by Oliver Curtis / Stuff from the Loft, a website about the process of design, including interviews with politically-charged admen like Sidney Myers / Wikipedia’s Timeline of the Far Future / The Ontology of the Fashion Model, the origins of mannequins, real and static, and how they are perceived: ‘All these features combine to make the fashion model something a little less than human: mechanical or doll-like in her smooth performance, her body is always svelte, her step rhythmic and her movement gliding, qualities that, again, contribute to her slightly unnatural, even uncanny appearance.’


Design and simplicity at Maluruhukou, a tumblr / photography by Jim Lee, including work from the heady era of 70s soft-focus (includes, naturally, 70s soft focus nudity) / The Spaces suggests a clutch of Modernist realtors / related, tmh currently has two of the UK’s most significant modern houses on its books: St. Ann’s Court by Raymond McGrath and Amyas Connell’s Pollard / a review of Up in Smoke: The Failed Dreams of Battersea Power Station, by Peter Watt, author of the Great Wen, a London-centric blog (‘Brockwell Park … the location of the country’s first One O’Clock Club in 1964, created after an LCC employee was horrified to discover “ten howling babies in their prams abandoned outside Brockwell Park’s playground”, left there by older children who were meant to by looking after their siblings and were instead using the facilities for their own fun’). Related, our now outdated post about the Power Station saga from 2011.

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