Missed opportunities

Amectran Exar-1, 1979, at Concept Bunny. The Amectran (‘AMerican ECological TRANsportation’) was ahead of its time, styled by Pietro Frua and has almost as many conspiracy theories as GM’s EV-1 / two books to support: To Have and To Hold: ‘a collection of paper bag ephemera from a bygone era’ / Clangers: The Complete Scripts 1969-1974 / special effects explained at the Stan Winston School / the Robert Bruno-designed Steel House is for sale / How we made The Only One I Know / miniature art by Tatsuya Tanaka / Chile’s desert dumping ground for fast fashion leftovers / First person Brexit Britain / TV too high? Ask the experts / the original Gittler guitar / the things we have lost to the internet / it’s grim up North.

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