Mine craft

The Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas / sort of related, Muir Way’s vintage relief series of maps (via This Isn’t Happiness) / music, Dear Humans, by Elephant Gym / Boat House By WE Architecture / The Glove, live on “Riverside”, October 24th 1983, just of many, many music performance and interview videos old and new posted by Scottish TeeVee / The Book of Pebbles, the artist and writer at home. Christopher Stocks has a fine instagram account as well / the art of attribution, explained nicely on the Antiques Roadshow / when do words make a first appearance? Merriam Webster’s Time Traveler (via Kottke) / a collection of bitcrushers (not in the dictionary…) / for sale, Harfield Gardens / button badges by Busy Beaver (via Coudal) / Bonhams’History of Science and Technology, including Air and Space‘ auction.

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