Merciful release

‘The boat’s been found and he’s not on it’: tragic sailor Donald Crowhurst’s final voyage, by his son. The Crowhurst story is endlessly fascinating. We especially love Tacita Dean’s book, Teignmouth Electron, and its associated imagery (e.g. Aerial View of Teignmouth Electron, Cayman Brac 16th of September 1998, located here) / Concussion Protocol is a moving and eerie look at one season’s worth of catastrophic injuries rendered on the American football pitch, mostly in slow-mo, mostly in reverse. No gore, but just a very stark reminder of the fundamental insanity of a contact sport that requires helmets to make it ‘safe’. Also linked at Kottke, which has been doing quiet but sterling work on the NFL’s ongoing and increasing problem with the sheer violence of its sport / classics-style video games at Locomalito, including L’Abbaye des Morts, which you can also play online / Dr Who vs Electro Harmonix / random sound generator.

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