Memories of what used to be

Ghost Towers: The view from Iran’s housing crisis. Includes photographs by Hashem Shakeri / Manzhouli, ‘a City Lost in Translation’, China meets Russia in Mongolia / a fine obituary of Charles Jencks / The Modern House features the boat-inspired house of architect and independent developer Roger Zogolovitch, designed by Mole Architects / Shopfronts of London: Artist Eleanor Crow’s view / another London view: Urban Dandy, taking an alternative look at the structures, physical and social, of the city / ‘Not To Be Sexist, But‘: What It’s Like Being A Woman Who Works In Automotive Journalism / Camera Rescue, devoted to saving analogue film / intense pencil drawings by Swedish artist Roj Friberg / Weather Man, a photo series by Evgenia Arbugaeva (via Nubbs Galore) / fantasy art and esoterica at Mutant Skeleton’s Flickr set / Red Lipstick Resurrected, a tumblr / finally, two excellent posts at 99% Invisible: The Kirkbride Plan, Thomas Story Kirkbride and the architecture of madness, and Solve for X: Deciphering Calibration Marks Made for Classified Spy Missions.

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