Meeting in the middle

Crushed Cayenne, an installation by Köbberling and Kaltwasser: ‘The ambiguous frailty and accessibility of the sculpture representing their destruction were in stark contrast to the familiar tank-like look of these cars – intact – in real life. SUVs with their military origin have an inherent menacing allure. The intrinsic vulgar excess of a Porsche Cayenne really comes into its own when it is destroyed in a heavy crash.’ Ballardian carpentry. Their earlier installation, Cars into Bicycles, is also worth a look: ‘Over the time of three months we transformed a Saab Turbo 900 into two functional bicycles on a car parking at Bergamot Station Art Center, Santa Monica, in 2010.’


Other things / we love these paintings of cheese by Mike Geno (at Faith is Torment) / Farmmodels makes agricultural models / The abandoned movie set of Cameron’s ‘The Abyss’ / GeoGeussr has kept us amused for a long time / Live train map for the London Underground, by Matthew Somerville / The Pyongyang Papers, their true intent is all for your delight / urban equations by Aakash Nihalani at Exhibition-ism.

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