Mapping the past and the present

A new generation of Apple Maps is on the way. See also this 2016 comparison between Google Maps and Apple Maps by Justin O’Beirne, who followed up with a year of Google and Apple Maps in 2017 and an even deeper dive into Google’s detailed building models later that year. Will Apple’s new tech close the gap? / other things. Social media schadenfreude: Are Instagram stars facing a brand backlash? Instagram star caught using other people’s photographs / RIBA House of the Year shortlist / Your Next Hotpoint, 1944, via elizabethborden33 / Stuntronics, robotic high wire artists from Disney / Below the Surface, the archaeological finds of the North / Southline in Amsterdam (via MeFi). Highly recommended / wall vs graffiti, at Welcome to Neverland / Art from the Future, a tumblr / Perfect Roquefort Cheese, a traditional weblog.

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