Many things

One paragraph of randomness. A blog by artist Tara McPherson / an archive of Grafik magazine covers, which folded yesterday / reminiscences from the pre-child safety days of car travel / The Secret Hotel, a project by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller / a tribute to the late Hiromu Naruse, chief test driver at Toyota /, a tumblr / Periferia Domestica, a tumblr with an architectural focus / Zuerawalkscape, a tumblr / Allan Kingdom, a music tumblr / 032c has a new website / architecture, a flickr set by matthanns / take a look at recent activity on the things tumblr and it looks like the ‘things’ we’re concerned about are rather city-sized in scale and scope. Time to make the focus a bit less global and more object-centric, perhaps?

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