Making tracks

Celebrity special. Railway Modelling with Sir Rod Stewart / the clothes of Mad Men / David Lynch teaches typing / Big Ship Foam Mining, Renovating a ‘Proper Boat‘, a video by Harry Dwyer. See also Dwyer’s engaging and ongoing attempt to circumnavigate the UK in a tiny speedboat and the Aircraft Workshop recycling project / Curbside Classic has some extensive and well-researched automotive histories / The Marquis, a ‘vintage motoring culture and lifestyle daily journal’ / Spottedlaurel has a flickr stream full of pragmatic, long lost automotive fascination / The Hines House, 1968, designed by William Turnbull, Jr., part of The Sea Ranch / shimmery contemporary shoegaze by Lacing / Fireghosting, beautiful animated sound tutorials / compare and contrast, Berlin landmarks, old and new, at Lenstore.

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