Making tracks to the stars

The Wonders of Weston / compare and contrast with the Chinese importation of this kind of evolutionary urbanism: Shanghai imports european cities, finds them lacking, a feature at Assembly Journal. Google maps isn’t terribly helpful in locating this nexus of architectural tweeness; the only distinguishing feature on the satellite image is the forest of blue factory roofs, a characteristic of Chinese suburbia / Historypin has enormous promise – it asks people to contribute old photographs to be geolocated and even slotted into Google Streetview. Combine it with something like Microsoft’s Photosynth and the collection available at photoLondon and you have something truly compelling / Urban Sketchers, drawing in cities / Eric Fischer’s Geotaggers’ World Atlas.


Dear Lulu sounds brilliant, but is sadly no longer available / a remarkable comparison of iPhone 4 and Canon 7D movie modes / Wallpaper* Handmade: The products / illustration by Holly Maguire / Things That We Learn, a weblog about creative processes, including a helpful post on User Experience and Interface Design / Google’s App Inventor looks brilliant / Hollywood Accounting explained / Hanmer, paintings by Paul Davies / handy, CutePDF / Roundtable: Research Architecture / Where’s the remotest place on Earth? / interactive maps of Where Americans Are Moving / Ouno, an ongoing photo essay on design / photography by Amelie Chassary.


Pulsate is a beautiful little online sound generating toy by Andre Michelle, one of several sonic tools on the site / How do we control the excessive taking of food in our complimentary breakfast? / is Phobos actually a spaceship? / Where to Go? Maps, via E.T.Notebooks / Museum Maker creates projects from collections / ROM with a view, video game landscapes writ large. See also ICU64 / Project Orion, the nuclear-powered spaceship. The above image comes from a Celestia-powered simulation, illustrating the different sizes of “pusher plate” onto which the expanding plasma from the explosion would impact upon in order to propel the ship forward. The largest would be for a 40 kiloton device.

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