Making decisions for other people

A round-up of image sites at MeFi / Neither/Nor, a tumblr / M/R, a weblog / Rare Edward Ardizzone illustrations of Huckleberry Finn rediscovered (via Text Patterns) / two from SCB: the world of recursive acronymns and an interview with the folk behind Herb Lester, the boutique mapping bureau that has twigged that curated spaces and guided journeys have more resonance than infinite information at your fingertips: ‘It’s a fallacy that comprehensive listings are useful, when really they’re just confusing – it’s so much easier when someone makes a decision for you.’


The Dabbler on Plotlands, the piecemeal inter-war spread of ‘strange British shanty towns’ that was eventually halted by the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947. And here is a flickr set of Plotlands housing, at Stefan Szczelkun’s photostream (we also like the set of community notice board) photographs / related, Owen Hatherley on the fallacies of home ownership. And a recent news story on the fallacies of landbanking / Essex Landscapes, by the Cartoonist.


Quadratura, a light and graphic installation by Pablo Valbuena (at Today and Tomorrow) / London Low Life (via haddock). Sounds promising (Victorian underworld, etc.) but doesn’t work right now / a tour of the John Smedley knitwear factory in Derbyshire. Traditional and proud. Via the Lineage of Influence fashion blog / Great Gatsby Mansion Beaten Ceaselessly Into The Ground. An interview with the developer, Bert Brodsky. Related, ‘re-covering’ The Great Gatsby, a design competition at The Fox is Black.


Ka-Ching!, a tumblr / Rs, a tumblr / The Spectral Dimension, ‘where the paranormal and popular culture collide’, like with these fabulous 1978 Horror Top Trumps / Follow the Yellow Brick Road, including a post on the Booktrust best new Illustrators award 2011 / Andrew Marr shimmies up the Shard. See also A Ballardian Shard? / 70s Fords in Camberwell, musings on retro car design and creating objects that are entirely tailor made for their presumed end consumer. At The Movement Bureau. See also Parody, homage, and irony in the contemporary automotive marketplace.


We don’t have the Facebook thing, so we are unable to enter Intel’s Museum of Me. Not the first time this personal curation conceit has been suggested, but interesting mainly for the ominous, faceted, squatting piece of virtual museum architecture / exceeded by imitators / Melting Pot, an illustration blog / buy drugs online at Silk Road (Wired article) / then you can go and browse Encyclopedia Pictura / matte paintings from the Dylan Cole Studio / Sixty-six years of Mary, on the emergence and maintenance of names (at (what is this?)).

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  1. rs says:

    thanks for the mention!

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  3. vanderleun says:

    I’m honored to be mentioned here. I’ve been a fan of “things” forever.

  4. Rafael Toledo says:

    My name is Rafael Toledo. I’m a Brazilian Industrial Designer. I didn’t find an email to make contact with Things Magazine, for that I’m writing here in comments space. I’ll apply to post graduation at USP (São Paulo University) in the science philosophy area intending to study how the artifacts evolute through the time. I’ll try understand how biology explains evolution (and forms evolution) and apply this concept to artifact evolution. I wanna know if you (The Things Magazine staff) already think in this subject, or have some indication (or direction) to help me with this research project.
    Thank u very much to attention!

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  6. things magazine says:

    Hi Rafael
    Not sure if we’d be able to help you directly, but drop us a line via this page:
    We’ll see what we can do..
    things editors

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