Lucky Dip

Total grab bag from everywhere today. Starting with new music from The Trimdon Grange Explosion. Buy their album. The band is named after the 1882 colliery disaster which inspired a popular folk song / Remash is a tumblr about architecture / Donaeld The Unready is tweeting angrily about the dire state of the medieval world. He can make it great again / related, Suzanne Eraslan keeps an important list / more music at this is that song / Beats and Burgers reviews records and restaurants. And occasionally features stuff that looks like people / Gwarizm, an irreverent blog about street style and things / an instant 3D city builder / ceramics by Eleonor Bostrom / advice to the parent of a teenage UrbExplorer / the REAL Foundation has kickstarted a book on Mies van der Rohe’s abandoned proposal for the Mansion House. More information at the Guardian. See also the upcoming RIBA exhibition, Circling the Square / yet more music, a Minor Victories remix album / Illustration Art, worth following for artistic gems / 240 landmarks of Japanese Automotive Technology / depressing but elegant little pocket sketches by Graham Roumieu.

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