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Modern life is rubbish; reduce your cell phone to a pint glass support stand and end constant texting (via Core77) / orange things / Philips surfs the retro wave with a short film about Compact Cassettes, including contributions from the Kissability label (surely a nod to SY) and the Pleasure Principle Weekender festival, and the blog Awesome Tapes from Africa / Super Sad Tiny Home Fetish, on micro living and its antecedents.


Woodgears does a nice line in wooden machines of varying complexity. We also like their Lego domino row building machine / Dynamic target tracking camera system keeps its eye on the ball, remarkable / ‘Fight Scene‘, a photographic series on cage fight and boxing ring culture by Max Colson / build your own camera with the Lomo Konstruktor / “La vetrina di Grand Hôtel”, the timeless appeal of fashion and automobiles / beautiful things at iiinspired / Design Tavern is an illustration portal.


The Strange Home Atlas, ‘explores domestic architecture and looks for curiosities, finding pleasure in the unconventional and the unexpected’. Recommended / sort of related, backyard megalith building by the master of the infographic, Edward Tufte / author Hari Kunzru has curated – in the traditional, acceptable sense – a new exhibition at the V&A, entitled Memory Palace, and described as a ‘walk-in graphic novel.

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