Lost villages

Why are there so many abandoned villages in the UK? Inspired by this call for imagery of lost settlements in connection with the forthcoming Times Atlas of Britain. A new print atlas is a hard sell in the age of online mapping, but physical maps are so much more satisfactory than digital ones, partly because they age, hard-wired with history. There’s a long, unillustrated list of abandoned places, with pithy little histories as to why their populations were (sometimes forcibly) uprooted and removed, sacrificed to war and technology.


Here’s the list with a few links and map references added in (where we could find them – which is, after all, the point of the exercise in the first place): Stanford, Norfolk (map); Derwent and Ashopton, Derbyshire (map); Tyneham, Dorset (map); Bwlch-y-Gwynt and Machynys, Carmarthenshire (map); Greensplat, Cornwall (map); Chalton, South Gloucestershire (map); Snap, Wiltshire (more / map); Mardale, Cumbria (more / map); Bothwellhaugh, North Lanarkshire (map); Hallsands, Devon (map); Imber, Wiltshire (more and more, dead links aplenty, and map); Dylife, Powys (map); Binnend, Fife (original map); Central Silvertown district, Newham (map); Porth y Nant, Gwynedd (map); Temperance Town, Cardiff (love the greyhound identity card / map); Hampton-on-Sea, Kent (map / disappearing into the sea); Radcliffe, Northumberland (map); Croydon Airport, London (map); Hirta Island, St Kilda (map). A fair number of the above links come from the excellent Abandoned Communities website.


Snow is an installation by Tokujin Toshioka. Feathers, glass and air. Deceptively effective. There’s a video on the site’s main page / two music-themed weblogs and sites: The Anti-Room, Popular Demand / Dime Novels at the American Treasures at the Library of Congress exhibit (e.g. The Death Dance of the Apaches) / more Justin Partyka: The East Anglians / Icon gets a redesign / an overview of the architecture of Crossrail.


A rather blatant piece of design ‘homage’ highlighted by Subtilitas – the Mission bay parking garage in San Francisco (2009) by WRNS Studio versus Mansilla & Tunon’s Leon Auditorium, in Leon, Spain (2002). Original link via Paper Architect / Eat Yellow Cake, a weblog / Robot School Dropout, a weblog by Haiyan Zhang at IDEO / yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the first Calvin and Hobbes strip / musical toys: Whitney Music Box and Wheel of Stars.


Random things. An international dress size converter / Architectura Regia, BibliOdyssey on ‘a treatise on the five classical orders of architecture : Ionic, Doric, Corinthian (Greek); Tuscan and Mixed (Roman)’. See also BibliOdyssey’s Architecture bookmarks / Squatting: the real story, by Steve Platt (see also the blog, Plattitude). More information at squat!net / the ship graveyard in Nouadhibou, Mauritania (satellite image). Reminded us irresistably of the stranded Cotopaxi.

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