Lost in the mists of time

Fancy a modernist hotel in Žvrynas, Vilnius? From the eccentrically translated blurb: ‘The residence was built in 1980 like a hotel for the top level officials. In this villa, presidents Mikhail Gorbachev, Richard Nixon, Lech Walesa, the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II, a spacewoman Valentina Tereshkova, the head of the Russian Orthodox church, Patriarch Alexy II were staying during visits.’ (via Wowhaus) / Custom Records for a 70’s Toy Record Player (via DB-G). See also Fishure-Price (sic), a company that turns these tiny toys into workable decks (via Mixmag) / the architecture of the uncanny: How Victorian Mansions Became the Default Haunted House. See also Are McMansions the New Haunted Houses? Evaluating a Flawed Argument about Why Some Houses Are Scary (both via MeFi, which includes the unique use of ‘Hollywood sound studio’ as an architectural designation. The answer to the first question is probably nothing more than ‘progress’, and how grand houses became run-down, empty and decaying with social and economic changes. Lost Heritage is a directory of the c2,000 houses ‘lost’ since 1800, most to development. Demolition usually came after a period of long, slow decay. Some of these hulks are still standing: What happened to England’s abandoned mansions? A few years ago you could buy the shell of Appledurcombe House on the Isle of Wight for £6m.

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