Lost in action

John Glassie’s Tumblr is a repository of ‘interesting things’, many of which have some bearing on the great Athanasius Kircher, and specifically to Glassie’s book, A Man of Misconceptions: The Life of an Eccentric in an Age of Change (more info). In this age of image, where origins and connections are barely ever questioned or supplied, the influence of Kircher on the web is waning fast. The once-great Kircher Society blog has long been swallowed up by the Atlas Obscura. Along with many other weblogs of the era, such as Giornale Nuovo, Lines and Splines and countless others, it had a liminal, bibliographic feeling, the sense that you were randomly browsing through an treasure trove of arcane information, unavailable anywhere else.

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  1. John Glassie says:

    Thank you for this. I’m still pleased to have been included on the projects page back in day:

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