Lost and found melodies (did we skip day 10?)

“This melody, which was played at some point on a real horn—well, maybe it was real; who knows?—has now passed through radio waves and magnetic tape and digital memory, into the mind of a brilliant arranger and back out into the physical world—an echo in the Temple of Dendur—then through the internet and now into a neural network.” An integration loop, a collaborative project initiated by Robin Sloan, based on William Basinski’sDisintegration Loops‘ / some other things. Bake cookies in the shape of cars / vote for the best small architectural project at the UK’s Architect’s Journal / music by Dead Animals; music by Sensorama 19-81 / a beginner’s introduction to the music of PJ Harvey / making random noises with Patatap / make beats with typedrummer / make loops with BeepBox.

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