Loop the loop

Music.Three, an album by musique concrète / music: Bored Spies, found via Your Band Sucks / related – after the very self-conscious middle aged post-indie malaise of YBS, Making it Big is an instructive dive into the raw data of the New York live scene: ‘According to data from the music event website Songkick, of the 7,000 bands that headlined a small venue (less than 700 capacity) in the NYC area in 2013, less than half even played another show from 2014 to October of 2016.’ Search through the 3,000 bands that played NY in 2013 and still gig and find out where they are now. At The Pudding, via Kottke.


Other things. Art Map London / a masterclass in how to draw by James McMullan (via Container List) / we love the art of Kevin Lucbert / Found by Laura. Remember when the found object was a thing? There was something intrinsically interesting in scanning ephemera and putting it up online. We did it. As did many others. The act of scanning (or photographing) transforms even the most banal into something fascinating that persists / internet gold: abandoned Japanese theme park photography / architect John Lonsdale observes and records.

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