Looks like rain

Nullpointer makes code, in particular code that creates vast procedural landscapes. Their ‘British Countryside Generator’ is at the heart of Big Robot’s forthcoming Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Some screenshots / Cartographer make fun music / on the aesthetics of heavy metal / we posted a piece by Matthew Houlding a couple of years ago. There’s a good piece at Click Opera on his work / Stickbomb, ‘a mechanical spring-loaded device constructed out of flat sticks woven together under tension’ – a sort of monumentally labour-intensive dominoes-type game. Video / magazines and beyond (via rotational):

‘Everybody in the magazine business likes to laugh at the music business. I was in the office the other day and one of our people paused from opening his post to say “it just doesn’t make any sense for record companies to keep on putting CDs in Jiffy bags and sending them to us for review in this day and age”. Then he went back to correcting paper proofs of a paper magazine and probably spent a good half an hour putting in soft returns to make sure that the column lined up in a way that was pleasing to the eye. The irony went flying over his head.’

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