Look over there!

Mostly distractions today, starting with art and more collated by Csáki László, who also took these images of ‘Tincity‘, observing the ‘life of the inhabitants of an anachronistic microcommunity in a central district of Miskolc, a mid-sized city in Hungary’ / we like checking in on the Aeromobil every now and again / industrial photography by Joe McNally / the Ekranoplan is on the move: “”Lun” will be the star of Derbent’s planned Patriot Park, a military museum and theme park that will display different sorts of Soviet and Russian military equipment.” / two games, one about destruction and one about creation. Teardown, smash your way through buildings any which way you can (official Teardown site). TokTik ColorPick is a browser game where you guess the paint colour (both via Rock Paper Shotgun) / sometimes we have the Handyman Blues / the wilful eccentricity of Toyah and Fripp’s Sunday Lunch Films / crossover-capable LEGO train / Social Bubble is a twitter-browsing device that lifts up a few stones. Alarming / architectural and landscape visions by Mykhailo Ponomarenko / ‘Finally! Video Of A Real Flying Car That’s Actually Flying.

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