Look closely

Old school sounds from the long lost Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element / even more old school, an appreciation of Swervedriver’s Raise from a driver’s perspective (as it was probably originally intended) / Folklore Generator (via BB) / creepy-named forum to change its name / hyperrealist paintings by Jeff Bartels (via Kottke) / Playing with boredom, on video games and the benefit of slow, repetitive tasks / Putin’s palace. History of world’s largest bribe. In Russian, but an interesting counterpoint to the recently hilltop horror in LA. One wonders if they attract a similar kind of buyer? / on the invention of knots / Animated Knots, a remarkable resource, with knot details from sailing to surgery / five myths about The Modern House / |Modernist houses for sale in California / A Visit from the Zune Squad, an example of how the nostalgia cycle gets ever smaller. Check r/zune. Then look at r/walkman. The simple mp3 player never went away Amazon is awash with brand new sub $20/£20 examples / music by Concrete Ships / zoom, zoom: Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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