Lives in miniature

Life in Miniature is a short film by Ellen Evans about the work of Kath Holden and her mother Margaret Shaw, otherwise known as Delph Miniatures. This, ahem, small business is dedicated to making contemporary, everyday dolls house furniture and fittings, rather than the gilded opulence of traditional Regency or Georgian dolls houses. Their online store is a treasure trove of tiny things, prosaic and ordinary and all the better for that: dental and medical equipment; fitted kitchens; stationery and office equipment; pre-packaged food, etc. The upcoming Kensington Dollshouse Festival is where one goes to find makers, old and new, for your miniature world. A selection that caught our eye: food and more at After Dark Miniatures; model-making and tiny paintings by Aidan Campbell; tiny art supplies and more by Catmando Miniatures; books and libraries by Ellie de Lacy; mostly food at Pride of Plaice; meticulous kits in etched brass at Severn Models.

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