Live, from the scene of the tragedy

Posy Simmonds’ classic Guardian series from the late 70s and 80s is being republished as Mrs Weber’s Omnibus. The Sunday Comics Debt has an expansive post on Simmonds’ social satire, a very British (and middle class) story that is densely layered and still relevant, 20 years on. The above strip is from 1986.


Other things / paintings of London streets by David Western / Other People’s Things is a tumblr dedicated to cars / see also the incredible HotWheels / David Catta is a furniture designer. His Boeing Chair is a synthesis of Marc Newson, Carlo Mollino and the ubiquitous Aeron / The Forgotten Line, Thomas Jorion’s photographic journey along an abandoned railway, ‘the last great wasteland in Paris’ / Swiss toymaker Naef makes the remarkable Cella, a nesting cube of intense beauty.

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  1. Eric says:

    Discovered your magazine through the link you posted on this page. Thanks for sharing! I have since become a daily visitor to your site. Nice work.

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