Links for the week ahead

London Ends, the edges of the city in photographs by Philipp Ebeling / we want to believe, part 396: a lush, vegetation-filled jungle city might actually be a thing. More investigations into the media image of the unbuilt at Failed Architecture / illustration by Elisa Macellari / music by Elly Parsons / Ran When Parked, a blog about interesting automobiles / illustrations by Guy Shield / Designability, a weblog about design / instant creativity, 2016-style: Idea Mic Drop / Stop Using Math as a Weapon / music recommendations, ‘dark, driving, haunting tracks‘ / Silicon Valley has an empathy vacuum / Isocity, an animated landscape / translated into the real world? The Fastbrick Robotics Hadrian X Digital Construction System / paintings by Paul Winstanley / paintings by Helen Lundeberg / 98 Wounds a photozine about London’s music scene.

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