Links coming thick and fast

Presets – Digital Shortcuts to Sound (via MeFi) / Is there still any point collecting books?, ask Howard Jacobsen / versus Tsundoku, ‘the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves’ / a very beautiful essay, What being a single parent is really like / paintings by Romi Behrens / paintings by Nigel van Wieck / Google Cardboard, pocket, budget VR with the Cardboard Viewer / vintage Curtis: Inquiry. The Great British Housing Disaster, from 1984 / Drag Racing rules for 1966 / Graphic Art News / Fireplace Chats, an art blog / Holy Batcards! (at Heartbreaking Cards) / more art at Hyperallergic / travel at Petite Passport / After You Die, a graphic book by Ramin Nazer / gargoyles, feathers, sculptures, gold and more adorn this concept skyscraper by Mark Foster Gage. A portal for the Great Old Ones, perhaps / airline interior concepts / the auto advertising art of the late Art Fitzpatrick / The McCune Collection, including books like Henry Evans’ Visions from 1961 and the majestic Atlas to Accompany the Monograph of the Tertiary History of the Grand Canon District from 1882.

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