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We love this house, but perhaps the most interesting thing about it is the Dutch initiative ‘called “red for green” developed for agricultural areas in decline. Through this program, the Dutch government grants one building permit for each 10 acres of land, on the condition that the buyer transform the remaining property into a public nature preserve’ / Adam Bresnick’s Rehabilitation of the sixteenth century chapel in Guadalajara at fideliohaus / also fascinating that this house by Renzo Piano in the Rocky Mountains was completed and then waiting four years until it was published.


Exquisite, Disturbing Objects From 500 Years of Human Anatomical Science / art, assembled and presented at Visuals Only / what no Nathan Barley? top 30 young people in digital media / Curiator, ‘the world’s biggest collaborative art collection’. Presumably an attempt to legitimise the tumblr-esque curatorialisation of everything with a platform for actual curators to do their stuff / the fading economics of book publishing / ‘most Londoners don’t want to live in tall buildings‘. Those that do ‘live’ in them are rarely home in any case.

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