Links and Swiss imagery to start the week

They don’t make maps like they used to. BibliOdyssey presents the Theatrum Iconographicum Omnium Urbium, a series of city plans by the Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit, uploaded to the National Library of The Netherlands / Airstream / Rolls-Royce / Psychedlia = over the top, but in a good way. An automotive Versailles / The Year of Practical Thinking. Many things you never knew / contemporary concert recordings at Phil’s Bootlegs / litmanlive, mostly about tracking trends and stats.


400 Swiss images for every day of the new year, an overwhelming but endlessly fascinating archive of imagery posted by Mrs Deane (‘It’s not easy to make just a quick choice of only one or two images, as the Swiss Fedeeral Institute of Technology Zurich has more than 145,000 pictures online.’). Abit like stumbling into a set of old illustrated encyclopedias. The above images are picked at random from this page: the Junkers G K 41 and Dornier “Do X”. The collection is far-ranging, including hundreds of postcards, architectural drawings, aerial photography and much, much more.


The usual round-up of blogs, links and tumblrs. Ex Astris, well-curated imagery-driven tumblr (occasionally nsfw) / Now Serving, a tumblr / Rube Goldberg, an art-focused tumblr / design and things organised by Kathryn Keller / HinterLands, a tumblr, more art / Cross Fabricated Scales, tracking a course that’s ‘a crossover between architecture and art’ / we heart, lifestyle, fashion and imagery / Disordered Bits of Knowledge (occasionally nsfw) / Stolen Moments, a tumblr / City Planning, a tumblr.


Grand Miniatures, a collection of architectural models from the collection of Ace Architects / thanks for the end of year link at Diskant / ‘MTI, the “mobile tourist interface” is the high-tech adaptation of the beloved camper van, whose interface contends with the issue of urban sprawl in areas of high tourist activity’ / We can’t define anything precisely, a tumblr / The Gopher Hole, a new London event space / Enemies of Reason, a weblog about the media and more.

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