Yell now has 3D city maps in Beta (via Coudal). Their London model instantly trumps Google Earth’s rather meagre selection of 3D structures, but the trade-off is that there are far more rough edges in the modelling data; it sort of Gehry-ifies the city’s architecture (see above). Also, the interaction is unwieldy – at no point do you feel you’re navigating a 3D model, but rather a large, unfolded physical map that is about to be blown away at any moment. See also Bridges, a gallery by Clement Valla of GE’s virtual destructive tendencies.


Song of the Day / ‘Analogue is authenticity. Analogue is truth. Analogue is reality. It’s time for us to embrace the Analogue Future‘ / all about The New Small House, a Gordon Cullen classic, over at no2self / city planning fail: Markasaurus on the opposite view corridors of London. Never mind the Shard, just check out the Strata Tower peeping over Tate Modern. Not even Tate 2 will block out its ‘delights’.


The floorplans of insanity (via Kottke) / The Making of Little White Lies / Cleptomedia, a tumblr / The Birdwatcher’s Report, a tumblr / Codex 99 on the photography of Eadweard Muybridge / suckerPUNCH, design and culture / Sequential (k)nots, a tumblr / John Spy, a tumblr / Babylon Falling, information overload tumblr / cakes by Emily Miranda (via even*cleveland).


Scaffoldage, a one idea website, but a good one (via SpaceInvading) / another one-note but pitch perfect site, Mr Blog, ‘a celebration of the lively cast of ‘Mr’ shops that people our high streets’. It has now ‘ceased trading’: see Mr Blog’s Valedictory Awards Show at Asbury and Asbury / a remodelled Airstream / Urbantick is a weblog about technology and the city.

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