Link round-up

The Architectural Record rounds up architectural websites, the good and the bad thereof. Mostly architectural journalists get incredibly frustrated with tricky navigation, links that can’t be saved and pictures that can’t be clipped… / The Great Myth of Urban Britain / another slice of improbable nautical architecture for the superrich / more: SeaOrbiter by Jacques Rougerie / for sale, the Heuliez Collection of concept versions of classic Renault and Citroens, including the incredible SM Espace and Peugeot 504 Loisirs / massive history of Atari (via MeFi).


Strekla has launched an e-book publishing house / the Twentieth Century Society has a new look website / Lego into Google (via MeFi) / Is this UK’s most gentrified street? / Piers Taylor, architect, writes On Youth, and how contrary to popular wisdom, age does not necessarily bring experience in the architectural realm / attempts to divine your taste in visual art with a simple either/or set of questions / Notes from the Zeitgeist, a weblog / Hand to Mouth, a blog about food / Between the Folds, a documentary about origami / design-y things at Sight Unseen.

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