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Time for another sift through the sidebar, updating as we go. The ‘publications’ section originally referred to websites of print magazines, but over time it came to mean sites that have the same ethos as a magazine, even if they don’t have regular issues or print copies. Some of the below have made the transition from web to print (and then back again). Others have vanished altogether. On to the links. Aeon publishes essays and ideas about ‘science, philosophy, society and the arts’ / Ambit is a venerable literary quarterly, founded in 1959 / Ampersand is another print magazine – a ‘curiosity journal’ based in Melbourne and Sydney / Amuseum Magazine, objects seen in a different way (also print) / AnOther Magazine, fashion, art and more / The Art Newspaper, vital for the industry / bookendless came from Tokyo and stopped being updated in 2008. It was great though / this year would have been the 50th anniversary of Books from Finland, a publication co-edited by one of our erstwhile editors and founders. However, the last post was back in 2015 / Brown Book was an arts and lifestyle magazine published out of Dubai / Byliner compiles excellent journalism from around the world / Cabinet Magazine is still going strong, thankfully, and is one of the finest print magazines of the modern age.


Charlotte and Peter Fiell publish art books, but no longer blog / Gestalten publish monographs on many subjects / Grafik began as a magazine and is now an excellent design website / Gym Class was a magazine and is now defunct / Hopes and Fears has been out of action for a year or so / Instapaper still promises to be the best way of clipping things to read. There’s a blog / Issuu hosts a hundred magazines you’ve never heard of / It’s Nice That is still, well, nice / Lapham’s Quarterly, ‘a magazine of history and ideas’ / Letter to Jane was kind of cool but is no more / Linefeed still rolls / the ever-essential magCulture continues to uncover new publications and processes behind making things in print / Magforum has a good line in the history of magazines, such as this fond look back at Private Eye’s response to James Goldsmith’s lamentable Now! / Andrew Losowsky used to run a blog called Magtastic / McSweeneys, now an internet essential / Monocle is a media titan, conquering the world one artisanal bakery at a time / n+1 magazine is a’ print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics’ / the Newspaper Club lets you create your own publication: a selection / Phaidon is a long established art publisher.


Premiere Issues, an archive of magazine debuts and firsts. It hasn’t been updated for a few years, but the archive is still worth a browse / Princeton Architectural Press, another leading publisher / Print Fetish seems to have stopped fetishising print / Sabotage Times is still rolling / Smoke: A London Peculiar had a new website and then shut. All this may have happened many years ago. Founder Jude Rogers can be found here / time to add the Peckham Peculiar to the list / SNOW magazine has been quiet for a year / the South East London Journal is thankfully going strong / Stack still puts out print / The Brander is more relevant than ever / The Bygone Bureau seems to still exist but threw up malware warnings when we visited / The Modernist is a fine print magazine / bless the good ship The Morning News and all those who sail in her / The Rumpus is still living up to its name / Today’s Guardian still scrapes the newspaper’s website and presents it in a more concise way / Turps Banana is a fine magazine about painting.


We’re not sure that Unbounders was. Perhaps it was something to do with Unbound, which has done a fine job of getting interesting books into the hands of interested readers / Versal Journal stopped publishing in 2013 / Viewport is an online journal of design and travel, updated occasionally / we like Wallpaper. It also has a tumblr / we also have a section called ‘reading’. The sites listed are as follows: Longform still lines up substantial things to read / Medium has become an important place for opinion / Narratively is a similarly good place to go and read / Reading Design is building up a good archive of classic writing on design / Signature is a Penguin-run site that bolsters the online presence of books and conversations about them / The Big Roundtable is another site dedicated to narrative nonfiction / The Toast no longer updates, but is worth revisiting until you’ve read it all / Vox still publishes on current affairs.

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