Like fairy wings fading away

A short history of the Lego Space Shuttle / Alec Shao, a tumblr about art and installation / see also not shaking the grass, which collates large, visual posts like this one on Lucinda Devlin’s The Omega Suites / where would the proposed Northern Line extension actually go? / Solitaire.exe, a deck of cards by Evan Roth (via Ben Bashford, who also links to Dronestagram) / Dangerous Minds has a Look at London’s Private Clubs, from 1965 / Cave to Canvas, a tumblr about art, from Beardsley to Twombly and many, many more.


Archimodels. A good companion to drawings architecture / new drawings by Angie Lewin / Driveway, a painting by John Ogilvy (at Drawn) / London Underground Tube Map. B minus (for the Prof) / The same bomb joke: endearing young charms / Objective Correlative, the ‘Anthropology of art, objects & the everyday’ / Athanasius Kircher’s cross-section of Vesuvius, 1664. At Diffusive Architectures


Pompeii’s not-so-ancient Roman remains, Mary Beard on how the last days of Pompeii have been carefully constructed, shaping forms out of voids to create macabre limited edition sculptures of the moment of death:

In fact, at the very moment that one version of the young woman is greeting visitors to the Getty Museum in Malibu, an identical version has pride of place in another Pompeii exhibition in Denver, Colorado – different casts and recasts of the same void made by the same dead human being 2,000 years ago (and 5,000 miles away).

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