Letters of note

This Chinese Factory Makes $100,000 Architectural Models / see also the models of Made by Mistake printing money, visualising spending / here’s where some of that money went: an underground missile complex on 14.73 acres of land, yours for $495,000 (at house hunting) / art by Isabella Cotier / art by Jean-Claude Gotting / music time: jazzy psychedelic noodling by Felix Essex / Blacklab, ‘the dark witch doom duo from Osaka, Japan’. As good as that sounds / epic noises from Spotlights / Die or D.I.Y?, charting the esoteric, the homemade, the off-beat and the political / a fine selection of bands at Shore Dive Records / Signed, Sealed, & Undelivered, exploring a “17th-century trunk of letters once belonged to postmasters Simon de Brienne and Marie Germain” (via MeFi) / Quinn, One man’s fictional journey across Britain, a project by Lottie Davies. Beautifully evocative images.

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