Let’s go to bed

Pet People is a magazine from Sweden / Marie loves your dog / the world of prescription pets / how Ernst Gombrich helped spread the news of Hitler’s death / a visit to Le Corbusier’s La Tourette / the Cycling Revival / Selling your home by raffle could be a gamble. A house being raffled / The definitive ranking of Donkey Kong games / The Curse of an Open Floor Plan (via MeFi) / a future supercar by designer Nick Pugh / is the internet the end of criticism? It certainly feels like the end of an era of deliciously wasted time. Cast yourself back to the web of 1996, with its many unknown paths leading off into thickets unknown (and not screaming at you to click them with blatant falsehoods, and now consider how hard it is to get genuinely lost online. As opposed to being distracted / other things. Glenn Branca, sad to say goodbye / London’s East End in multiple exposure photography by Chris Dorley Brown.

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