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Analogue Diversions, a site devoted to board games, from this collection of blogs by Mefites / see also the Board Game Beast; their collection of Monopoly links, types and ephemera is quite spectacular. Who knew there was a Michael Graves edition of the game? NASCAR Monopoly hasthe wrong-shaped board. And the page omits the Isle of Wight edition altogether. Related, early Monopoly box designs, from the Monopoly Web Ring.


Version B, Dubai-based graphic designers / Josephine Road, architecture and design / Aquiesce, technology and culture, including an ongoing series of Minimal Photographs / One Small Seed, a ‘creative pop culture community from South Africa’ / London Talking, an ongoing project about trying to spark up spontaneous conversations on London’s notoriously tight-lipped public transport system.


Broadcasting House: a potted history / The Victorianist, all things Victorian. See also the rather more leftfield Victoria’s Rusty Knickers, from the above image was pilfered / finally: ‘Supercut.org collects every known example of the video remix meme.’ (via). To be trawled through in conjunction with TV Tropes / Android Dreams, Blade Runner meets LA, literally / Chevrolet Speedometer Design, 1941-2011 (via Kottke) / related, a collection of digital dashboards from the 1980s at Motive magazine / New Now Know How, a tumblr/weblog.


The 2011 Zombie Safe House Competition, the strange offspring of popular culture, underemployed architects, the lair of Osama Bin Laden and the blanket fort / Allan Kingdom, a tumblr of old things / no longer forgotten music, a blog ‘about music that lies in cellars, dug out by a group of people who care about great music.’ / soap cassettes / tiger noah, fashion-y / ‘welcome to the world of Minimal Electronics‘ – ‘If you like squeaky, bubbling and screwing sounds of analogue synthesizers this is the thing for you’.

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