Lego abstracts

Real Estate, a film by Jonathan Weston (via Murketing). ‘Exploiting the familiar style of architectural visualisation, the film tracks the advert’s increasingly reactionary responses to escalating urban events.’ / sort of related, Ryuji Nakamura’s Midget & Giant(posted on Triangulation Blog, linked by SpaceInvading) / Help me find examples of parodies, jokes, and satirical pieces that eventually became real / Google Books now has SPY magazine / Conditions, architecture and urbanism from Scandinavia / Guttae, ‘above and below architecture’, a weblog / an old post a 2blowhards about the writings of Ian Nairn.


The Secret Life of Stuff: A Manual for a New Material World, a new book about things, what they mean to us, and where they go once they no longer have any meaning. ‘Just how bad are disposable, light-up drinks glasses really?’ Julie Hill imagines a future of heirloom objects and re-manufactured technology, rising out of a present day reality of rubbish mountains and recycling. ‘Wouldn’t you like guilt-free consumption?’


BibliOdyssey presents a characteristically generous spread of typography/lettering from old Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (‘Title pages, headings and letterforms clipped, cropped and isolated from maps and map publications issued between about 1880 and 1920’). The first thing that struck us about this particular aesthetic – the heavy drop shadows, the extravagant geometry, flourishes and elaborately modelled letters – is that this is precisely the kind of lettering that pervades the virtual realm. Faced with the flatness of the computer screen (and, increasingly, the thinness of the pad), digital designers have always thrived upon faux 3D. Wikipedia’s Video game logos is a good place to start / see also the Art of Video Games / cultural anthropology on the edge of an imaginary universe: yet more Eve Online shenanigans.


photography by Manuel Obadia-Wills / a selection of Classic Morph / Street Photography in London / popular bookmarks at Pinboard / Vintage Scans / Beautiful Century, more scans / My Vintage Vogue, yet more scans / Scottish Architecture, revamped / arcbazaar, reducing architectural design to a form of bartered good / condense _ city, ‘a collection of observations and ideas about the cities and environments, the architecture and art, that we experience both momentarily and eternally’ / small things made out of Lego / fantasy dirigible art / Exclusive Shots of Steve Jobs’ Demolished House.


The Hidden Persuader has an eye for information / the pathology of high speed chases particularly as they relate to Los Angeles. According to this linked article, ‘If it speeds, it leads‘, the first televised car chase in LA was on Friday January 3rd, 1992 when a re-run of Matlock was interuppted: ‘Tur, a reporter for KCOP Channel 13, radioed over his headset to the assignment desk: He had live feed. Did the station want to cut to it?’ / making the UK crime map even more interactive / it’s better than bad, a photostream / Critical Grounds, more architectural theory by Douglas Spencer. Not to be confused with Critical Terrain / both are a way more considered place for online reading than I’m Remembering, which is pop culture 101.

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