Lazy Sunday sounds

From The Morgue, a site about movies / Vyomm is a new online estate agent portal, joining Domus Nova, Wowhaus and The Modern House as idle daydream click destinations / somehow we have managed to make 4,000 posts to the things magazine tumblr / the history of Singelkwartier neighbourhood in Schiedam, Netherlands (translated page). Includes drawings by Theo Gootjes / time to revisit Sue Barr’s The Architecture of Transit / Masked artist series raises money for art therapy / Books Peckham, a new (to us) bookshop / Lego Tonic makes Lego architecture / the story behind Lyle Waggoner’s Star Waggons. Love the Melt Banana poster / sound things / a round-up of appreciations of the late audio engineer Rupert Neve / pure guitar pop by / alt jazz by Xander Naylor / post rock from Prague, The New Horizons / post rock from Siberia, So Far As I Know / post hardcore from Lausanne, Abraham / synthwave-y sounds by Corserine / related, ‘I paid for Spotify playlist placements so you don’t have to‘ / love this: Iceberger, ‘Draw an iceberg and see how it will float’ (via MeFi).

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