Known issues

Old Shapes, New Brutality, a sculpture by artist Nick Hornby (not that one). See also the work of Nick Cave (not that one) / What are some famous works of obsession? See also, The Old Man and the C Drive, a post about single-themed sites / The Verge fleshes out our earlier post, Creepstreams: an interactive map of insecure webcam feeds. Apparently this is a known issue.


Napalm Death – The Scum Story, a documentary. See also the Death’s appearance on the BBC children’s programme What’s that Noise? / the Guardian runs a photo story from Toy Fair 2013 / Central Station is a ‘creative social network’ with a host of galleries / Roger Linn, drum machine pioneer, also makes the Adrenalin III guitar pedal / massive waterslide in New Zealand / photographer Thomas Ball (blog) has a number of fascinating projects, including ‘Utopia’ and ‘Growing Pains’. His forthcoming project about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity looks fascinating as well. Above, ‘Trend Setter’, from the Delhi, Juxtaposed series.

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