Knives out

Sacred Modernity, a forthcoming look at the best of European church architecture (via Wallpaper*) / see also this collection of abandoned churches / can you count Ten Seconds (via Spark Edition) / 45 of the best shoegaze songs / Top 100 90’s Hip Hop Samples 1990-1999 / the 200 Most Important Artists of Pitchfork’s First 25 Years / Excerpt from “Neighbors”, a 1952 short film by Norman McLaren (via Synth History) / Sequential Founder & ‘Father Of MIDI’ Dave Smith Has Died / Composers & Computers, a new podcast. Both links via Synthtopia / elaborate handmade watches by Masahiro Kikuno / the critical axes are being sharpened, once again, for Thomas Heatherwick, whose ‘Tree of Trees‘ is already primed for a fall.

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