Keeping the streets clean

It’s been too long since we looked at the mighty BLDGBLG: It Came From Below is a look at the literal underbelly of Los Angeles, and the tar sands that occasionally leech and bubble up through sidewalks and pipework / no such problems, yet, in Cities: Skylines, a game in the mould of the classic SimCity. RPS has collated some of the best available mods / a map of American Roads / related, play Pac-man in Google Maps / the story of Mark Landis, art forger. More at Intent to Deceive, which also has a gallery / large scale architectural artworks by Ben Tolman (via Socks Studio) / we don’t know how we feel about this: the reissued ZX Spectrum / One Hundred Typical Marriages and Some Characteristic Pictures of the Married State (via MeFi).

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