Keeping it all together

All about the Commonplace Book, the Moleskine of history (via MeFi) / sort of related, from last year, Tiny Letters to the Web We Miss, Joanne McNeil on TinyLetter and the resurgence in small scale, low key blogging / Works that Work, a journal of unexpected creativity, now on its sixth issue, a publication with a Cabinet-y vibe (a very good thing, in our book). Works That Work Blog, with a post about the Social Distribution of the magazine.


U-Boat interiors / fine collection of 1960s Film Posters / Wo and We, a weblog about art / design, art and illustration at From Up North / Some tumblrs. Entertainment at 70s Party; illustration by Mary Li; VHS Finland, Finnish videos from the golden age; Ordinary Finds (‘Jazz for Midnight – American Art – Birthdays of Giants’) / Scifi Art, a treasure trove of imaginary universes, album covers and special effects / related, Metropolis, a synth-drenched run through a hypothetical film.

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