Keep on running

The Edit – Adjaye Associates. Photographer Ed Reeve on his 25 year collaboration with the 2021 RIBA Gold Medal winner, Sir David Adjaye / Japanese artist Kitao Masayoshi (1764-1824), thanks to WeirdLandTV for the pointer / time to give up glitter, a simple, very visible microplastic to do away with / talking of plastic, Inside Information: Sneakerheads (via tmn) / see also the new documentary, One Man and His Shoes / taking stock with (American) teens – a different language / Find Your Fender, naked marketing exercise / advice from a professional organiser: ‘Most people keep way too many things (often buried in closets and cabinets or piled up under the things they’ve more recently used), and letting go of things they don’t use or value reveals a lot of storage and usable space for moving on to better arranging things to make them useful and accessible.’

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