It’s a blimp, Frank

How Washington Got Hooked on Flying Saucers: ‘We must hold Team Space Poltergeist to the levels of skepticism, seriousness, and scrutiny it pretends to demand’. Instead, we heartily recommend a dose of Metabunk (via MeFi) / The Mill House, by Wingårdhs / art by Lauren Drescher / photography by Philip Butler (via Sesion de Madruga) / art by Henrik Simonsen / deliberate pareidolia: Studio Likeness / an appreciation of the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha / sort of related, Cats of Brutalism / Zosya make modern games for old computers, including this new driving game / how Japanese technology shaped dance music / see also Land of the Rising Sound, the story of Roland / the fight to save Saudi Arabia’s modernist heritage / the demolition of Kensington Town Hall in 1983, at The Library Time Machine / ‘Male Aggression Now Playing Everywhere’: a fascinating, and hugely dated, piece about Hollywood agents from 2002.

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