It’s 2020. Yay.

Photographers Andy Brown and Nathan Gibson exploring planned spaces in the UK / sort of related, Celebration Florida: Disney’s Not So Perfect Town / Architecture of Doom’s 2019 Tumblr Top Ten / Wowhaus’s top 50 houses of 2019 / It’s Nice That’s Review of the Year 2019 / the 10 Best Shoegaze Albums of 2019 at Paste Magazine / related, in praise of Vaughan Oliver / RIP too to Syd Mead / the enduring mystery of what happened at Dyatlov Pass / if Elf was a thriller / Mad Love, ‘or how we make pictures’. The intense art – pre and post production – of automotive photography / see also this is why I don’t get hired to shoot supercars, an intense how-to video by photographer GF Williams of the work that goes into making an image, in this case the DeTomaso P72 Launch Photo / the Handmade in Japan Festival, a treasure trove of alternative crafts: felt cats; fish sticks; micro dolls houses; hippo staplers; etc / happy hues, curated colours in context / the disappearing landline / user interface fails / Warren Ellis understands the importance of linkage (via MeFi), but the waning strength of such lists is indicative of the slow heat death of the blogoverse.

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