“It only takes 25 years for flotsam to go around the world”

Triton is an SDK for developing realistic 3D ocean models / sort of related, a modern mystery: the story of the Tjipetir blocks, released from the sea after a sinking in 1917. An excuse to dive into the history of gutta percha / see also, recent booms and rumblings heard across the UK (at the Strange Sounds weblog, which must live for news like this) / related, Wikipedia’s list of unexplained sounds.


So many effect pedals, so little time / Retrogeographie, postcard visions of 20th century modernist France / we love a secret postcard sale, this time for Music as Therapy / Art on the Underground, the tube map series, now with the work of Daniel Buren / related, a history of the roundel / Jeff Quitney’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of old information films from various military sources and more / the leaning towers of Shanghai.

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