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DRB’s Abandoned Disney, part 1 has insights into the forgotten corners of the Mouse’s empire. We especially like the visit to Discovery Island (video), now overrun with vultures / curating a web museum is akin to some form of obsession. At what point do you shut the doors and decide that enough is enough, or is the existence of literally endless miles of shelving and countless display cabinets an inspiration to carry on and on? A few (temporarily) closed online museums: Dan’s Matchbox Picture Pages (notable for its large, crisp images of toy cars but there are lots of Matchbox pages) / the Reverse Time Page, old clocks and more / the Candy Wrapper Museum (‘One thing I learned the hard way is that no matter how chemically inert or unresembling food a candy product might be, it will eventually become molecularly unstable and turn into a hideous, sticky goo. For this reason, you’ll see precious little candy in this museum. However, amazingly enough, the candy I kept actually held up for twenty years before I had to throw most of it out. Based on this experience, I’d say 25 years is the point when you’ve kept the candy too long.’).


The Franklin expedition: Will we ever know what happened? Via Franklin’s Ghost / Last Night I Met a Costume! / we like the sound of the Peckham Outer Space Initiative / themed mixtapes at Cryogenic Husk / live shows to download at Egg City Radio / security camera aesthetic 3D game, Intruded / Interactive guide: inside the British home / ICON4x4Design’s 1968 Ford Bronco / Glenn Digital / The Friendly Office / photography by James Casebere. Below, ‘Landscape with Houses (Dutchess County, NY) #1, 2009’.

The archives of the Dupont Company Magazine from 1913 to 2003 (via Nic Maffei), held at the Hagley Digital Archives, which is also home to the Keller Collection (‘Albert T. Keller assembled a collection of over 2,000 photographs of nineteenth and twentieth century blast furnaces’), a set of Miss America Pageant programs from 1945 to 1967, the Avon Historical Archive, ‘more than 7,500 of the approximately 12,000 images in the Dallin Aerial Survey Company collection‘, taken from 1924-1941, as well as over 200 images of the work of Raymond Loewy (from where the drawing below is sourced, ‘The Blister “6” … For the very exclusive person who prefers to “stew in his own juices”).

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