Is anybody out there?

Art, photographs and rubber stamps by AHC McDonald (also responsible for The Worst of Perth, which ended in late 2017) / South London’s under-the-radar Cinema Museum, currently under threat (official site: Cinema Museum / the web, then and now / Kanye West’s intervention into the ongoing Roden Crater project is an inspired bit of art philanthropy / the artist Susan Hiller has died. Hiller’s work often delved into the paranormal: Witness, created for Artangel, is one of the most memorable, an audio installation of UFO abductee testimony that immersed the viewer in a forest confusing, illusory yet fervently held beliefs. Her work also used the recordings of parapsychologist Dr Konstantins Raudive, who claimed to have recorded 70,000 examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena. UbuWeb has a good collection of Occult Voices, including EVP. Read about the The Broken Technology of Ghost Hunting, including the ‘ghost hunting’ EMF Meter sold by K-II Enterprises. From here it’s just a few dots to E-Meters, dowsing for land mines, and many, many other examples of dubious, or downright dangerous, detecting devices.

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