Invite Weep Castle

What 3 Words translates every address in the world into three words. The potentials for poetry are enormous / the wit and verve of the Highgate Mums / paintings of London by Sue Sichel / the Peckham projects of architect Benedict O’Looney / a solution to the Voynich Manuscript? / the car cultures that take themselves too seriously / The Grim and Chilling Magazine for Nuclear Doomsday Preppers / Lona, Realm of Colors, a video game / paintings by Stuart Pearson Wright, occasionally nsfw / Tesla remotely increased driving range for owners in Florida to escape Irma / inside music with Google VR. Fun experiment / The Lego Architect book / a list of island in the River Thames / sort of related, 130-ton ‘fatberg’ found in London sewer / A Brief History of Automobiles, by MUTI / Hexagoland, illustration by Jorge de la Paz / Klasse John Morgan / more regular than us, “Things You Wouldn’t Know If We Didn’t Blog Intermittently.” / an abandoned resort in before and after gifs / The great saucer invasion: The day six ‘spaceships’ landed in England. Hoaxes used to be more fun / In search of the Withnail & I locations 30 years on.

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