Into the deep

Some art: Nina Baxter; Kat & Kin; Barbara Mullarney; beautiful paintings by Ylva Ceder; intense botanical works by Eggert Pétursson / architectural paintings by Ben Johnson / cityscapes by Hugo Moreno / Liza Dimbleby / a vast collection of videos of early 90s gigs / an interactive map of London clubland / sort of related, George Best, Albini-style / over 100 exceptional works of journalism, for the commute / Tommy Hilfiger’s place / desire paths, a subreddit for wanderers and planners to observe / the Cars of LA / tributes to the car designer Tom Tjaarda, who died in June / Jenny Odell presents a ‘special investigative report for the Museum of Capitalism: ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Free Watch‘ (pdf via MeFi / Lost and Found in Paris (also via MeFi) / monster hunting with Bookishness.

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