Into dust

Rare Film of Monet, Renoir, Rodin and Degas (via MeFi) / Gaming in kids’ own words / the Duke Mitchell Film Club / Can you solve the mystery of these 60-year-old travel photos? / Sweden is home to a large scale map of the solar system / Botanist make death metal about photosynthesis (via Anti-Gravity Bunny’s best metal of 2020 list). See also Duma, from Kenya / Urban Planning and Water Bodies: Florida’s Aquatic Land Cover (via this isn’t happiness) / art by Katie Benn / the Hunkt Canticie continues the long-standing tradition of trolling JLR with copycat designs / Pawson Novelties / references to Mystery Airships through the ages / Folk Horror and Canada’s Colonial Past / Millicent Patrick designed the titular Creature from the Black Lagoon (at Fortune Cookie) / the ongoing war against entropy is not going great but this story of Romania’s Neptune Baths is encouraging. Enjoy some beautiful photographs of the complex, taken by Roman Robroek / is the Wallace Collection really shutting its library?

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