Infuriatingly idiosyncratic

A film about Carmine Street Guitars (via The Guardian) / music by Danish band Tales of Murder and Dust / recommendations via We Love Lo-Fi / more via American Pancake / Twist Spin Tuck Jump (at K) / beautifully painted film set floor plans by Boryana Ilieva (via Meanwhile). See also how three contrasting houses in 2020’s Oscar-winning movies would be described by an estate agent. Also sort of related, on the film set design of Space Force / time to revisit the architectural illusions of Víctor Enrich / real versus game: the Seattle of the Last of Us Part II / more music at Start Track, a little dose of indie, luna collective, SSG Music and Radio Insight / useful reference: The New Citroen by Roland Barthes, 1957 / hastening the untimely end of the Airbus A380, how COVID-19 killed the era of ‘big’ flying. Meanwhile, in a world where budgets barely matter and the passengers aren’t paying, General Electric Wants To Keep America’s B-52s In The Air Until 2097 / praise be, all of Kottke’s Quick Links are in a single place.

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